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Welcome to the San Diego Youth Aztecs Football & Cheer

In-person document verification/collection dates will be announced soon.

Paperwork: Players Rostered with Aztecs Fall 2023 Season


1x Copy:
Player ID Card with 2x2 Picture 
         Head / Face Shot ONLY       
         No hats, glasses, filters.
*Note: This requirement is the same as a government issued ID

1x Copy:  Player Contract / Parental Consent Form
1x Copy: Proof of Age (Birth Certificate)
1x Copy: Physical Form
1x Copy: June 2023 Report Card
1x Copy: SDYAFC Parent Conduct | Media Release | Refund Policy Form

All forms should be PRINTED and also UPLOADED to player profile while registering.  All forms  can be found on this page with the links above. If you have trouble accessing the forms, please let the eligibility team know ahead of time as we will NOT have any copy or print services available.

 Please note that this is the first step in registration and that your child will NOT be rostered to a team until all requirements have been met, all registration and equipment fees must be paid in full, paperwork must be turned in and in person certification of the athlete is required.  Date and location TBD.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we go through this process. We know that this is a lot of information.  It is our goal to get everyone rostered as soon as we can, so we can get this season off to a great start!

Your San Diego Youth Aztecs Football and Cheer


No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.



Since we must forecast our cost and plan our operation as well as book venues and purchase equipment is well in advance before the start of the season, we are implementing a NO REFUND policy.  All athletes who plan to participate will need to be paid in FULL by the start of the season or they will not be able to participate.  Any partial payments will be FORFEITED unless a written contract payment plan is are arranged with the Aztecs organization as your partial payment will be holding a roster spot.  We offer built in payment plans with the online registration well in advance of the season and proper planning for any finical circumstance must be taken by the athletes registering family. 

These common scenarios WILL NOT be eligible for refund.  

·      NEW TEAM


·      MOVING

·      INJURY

·      GRADES

·      ETC…

The ONLY circumstance for a refund will be if the team is dissolved and there is no season for that division.  


*Note:  Equipment rental fee and deposit can be refunded if the equipment has not been issued.


2023 Parent Volunteer Requirements

As a community non-profit youth organization our goal is to keep our registration cost down as much as possible, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in youth sports.  In order to keep our cost down and manageable we as a board must generate additional revenue, primary through food and merchandise sales to help pay for other expenses that are not covered with the initial player registration fee. 

The athlete registration fees only covers the uniform, league insurance, referee fees, trainer fees, player certification fees, and for any initial park permits and operational expenses.  We as an organization must make up the additional money for the required game day field costs and the park lights costs.   Both of these are a requirement to have a successful season and are very expensive due to electricity cost as well as the school districts pricing structure.   

In the past it was implied that everyone should help volunteer and we have had plenty of participation and assistance from our families.  However, the past couple years the help has been very limited and our board has been over burden with this responsibility which is not sustainable for the long term success of the organization. 

For the 2023 season every family is expected to help volunteer and help share this burden of responsibility in order to have a successful season.  We do understand that some families may not be able to volunteer for various reasons, so we are providing a $100 cash buy out if you do not wish or are unable to volunteer for any reason.  We had this option setup during the registration checkout process for the fall season to  volunteer as a parent, which is an agreement that you as a family will help as needed with our operations during the season.  However, there were some technical difficulties, so we now offer this non-volunteer fee as a $100 cash buyout for any family that cannot or who does not wish to help the league during the season.  This does not exclude families from team fundraising or team volunteering, but only league  volunteering responsibilities.  

We are attempting this for the 2023 season in hopes that families will step up and help us provide a positive environment for our youth and help close that financial gap we face as an organization every year.  The alternative is to raise our initial registration rates by over $150 to make up that finical requirement.  There are not many youth football organization left in the South Bay, so please help us keep the Aztecs around for the next generation of families.  

We encourage everyone to call and email the school district and ask why is the rental rates for a high school turf field is two to three times more expensive than other districts?  Why does the Sweetwater Union High School district rental cost for the use of a turf field to a local kid’s non-profit organization cost close to $4,000 for 12 hours on a Saturday?  Why is the cost so much even though the field is already paid for by community tax dollars?  These are the things that are outside our organizations control and drive the cost up for youth sports participation and as a community we need to push back and demand answers or the result will be that we are priced out as an organization. 

Remember there is never any change without your voice being heard in the community.  Please contact the district and demand answers!

I hope this makes things a little clearer as to why your participation and time as a volunteer is super critical to our organization and our athletes success.  

As always if there are any questions please feel free to speak with us or email [email protected]


No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Contact Us

San Diego Youth Aztecs Football & Cheer

601 C E. Palomar Street, PMB #304
Chula Vista, California 91911

Phone: 619-348-5959
Email: [email protected]

San Diego Youth Aztecs Football & Cheer

601 C E. Palomar Street, PMB #304
Chula Vista, California 91911

Phone: 619-348-5959
Email: [email protected]
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